Reindeer Start October Training

Welcome to October! How are all you Believers? Time is starting to go very fast here now. Once we hit September the elves are really busy getting presents made and moved to storage. The reindeer are now on a strict training schedule with regular flights South with timing their trips to see how fast they can go. They also are on a strict diet and get plenty of rest when not flying. Their body fat will be down to one inch by the end of the month. They will be strong and lean. Before training begins they can have up to 4 inches of body fat! So the routine is sleep, get up, eat, exercise, eat, nap, workout, eat, workout, eat, then go to bed! That is their day in October.

While the reindeer are training the elves are moving gifts to storage where they will be placed with similar gifts. They are not wrapped yet or fitted with the micro chip. More about that later. I hope you are being good! Mrs. Claus and I are very busy here getting ready for the big night!


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