Reindeer Caller

Hello Believers!

Well time for another Santa Secret! No matter where I am in the world I can call upon the reindeer and they will come to me. How do I do that? You see long ago, the elves gave me a very magical reindeer caller. It is made from the antler of the very first reindeer that could fly! You can see a picture of it here. I carry it with me, and if I need the reindeer to come I just blow on it, and they hear the sound and come to where I am! Isn't that magical!! This is another way that the reindeer can fly too. If I see a reindeer and I want to make it fly all I have to do is tap the antler to its antler and it has the magical power to fly. Now you know another one of my secrets. I hope you are being nice as it is getting closer to Christmas day! Till next time...


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