Reindeer Agility

Greetings Believers!

Well, it is getting REALLY busy here at the North Pole. I am working on the List and planning the flight on Christmas Eve. November, is the month that the reindeer practice agility. That really means practicing landing and take off, but also some quick moves so we can avoid any problems we might face. Things like aircraft, buildings, or harsh weather. It is fun watching them go through the drills as Holly works with them. Then we hitch up the practice sleigh and I take them out and we practice some more. It is a lot of work, but also a lot of fun too.

The elves are singing and dancing and making lots and lots of gifts. There is a lot of activity as the gifts are transported to the buildings where they are stored, and then tagged and wrapped. Things here will only get busier every day.

Mrs. Claus is busy working on my suit so it will fit just right on Christmas Eve. She is also busy cooking lots of cookies for the elves (and me).

Stay tuned for more updates coming as we get closer and closer to Christmas.

Have a holly jolly Day!!!


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