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October Reindeer Update

Greetings Believers!

Well, now Holly wanted me to share a reindeer update with everyone. She says that the reindeer are doing great. Of course, I know that too, because I check on them every day. In October the reindeer need to be at 1 inch body fat. It is time to be lean and strong. The time for lots of treats, and being fat and lazy is over. Now it is time to get serious about the big flight. Holly has the reindeer on a strict diet, a lot of exercise and training flights, and getting lots of rest and sleep. In November, they will train more.

Things here have been going very well. Betty reports the elves have lots of energy, are singing and dancing as they make and wrap the gifts. She also reminds me that we have fewer days to complete getting ready for the big night. I am sure we will be just fine.

I hope you are getting excited for Christmas... it will be here sooner than you think!


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