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North Pole Post Office

Greetings Believers!

The North Pole Post Office is a busy place, but in November and December we receive hundreds of thousands of letters, cards and notes from believers all around the world. The elves make sure they all get to the North Pole Post Office so they can be sorted. Once they are sorted they deliver them to me to read and then deliver them to the workshop so that the elves can work on making wishes come true. This job is very important. Can you imagine if all of the mail did not get delivered to me and the workshop? Goodness, that would be a mess for sure. Don't worry though the elves that work at the Post Office are very good and make sure everything gets to the right place and on time. So, I hope you write to me. If you do I will look forward to Merida (the elf who brings letters to me) bringing your letter to me! Remember to be nice and kind. Have a holly jolly day.


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