Meeting a Dolphin friend

Greetings Believers!

Well, We are doing well as we travel the ocean. Mrs Claus is loving the beautiful days at sea, and not to worry she is cooking and baking as usual! We were visited by a friendly dolphin, who stopped to say hello. Such fun seeing the beauty of the ocean and its creatures. Our journey will be several more days before we arrive. It is a long way from the icy cold waters of the North Pole, to the warm tropical waters of our Christmas Island. I have been reading letters from some of you who have written me. I am also on the computer and having meetings with the elves and other business meetings. Even though it is a get-away, there is still work I must take care of. We will take a couple days to just relax though when we get to the island and the beach. I'm not really much of an ocean/water person, but once a year we do enjoy getting to a warmer place for a few days. Hope your days are merry and bright. Remember to always be kind.


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