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Last Day in the Sunny Tropics

Greetings Believers,

Today is our last day in the sunny tropics. We will fly back to the North Pole at dawn tomorrow morning. We have loved the relaxing time together enjoying some time to rest, laugh, plan and eat good food together. We hope you have enjoyed following our adventures here on our mini vacation away from the North Pole. As you know we have a lot to do when we get back. There is the list to check, plans for the reindeer training, meetings with the elves, and of course making lots of toys and presents. Mrs Claus will be busy again with the elves at the Elf Academy. Time will go fast now as once we pass the Christmas in July, it is only one month till the BER months. I am sure you are doing your best to be on the nice list. I here good reports from Bernard. Mrs Claus and I are enjoying this last bit in the sunshine. A dip in the pool, a walk along the beach and time beneath the stars tonight in the hot tub will finish out our time here. We look forward to keeping you up to date on what is happening at the North Pole. Remember to always be kind.


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