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Introducing Betty

Greetings Believer,

You may have noticed some changes with the elves. Bernard decided to go to Kribble-Krabble, which is described as the elf equivalent of Rumspringa, which is stepping away from the North Pole to explore the world beyond. He decided to stay in the human world for awhile when he met someone, and gave up his eternal youth. Still an elf, he maintained his powers. After some time he returned to the North Pole and I bestowed upon him his full elf youthfulness. Still considered elf #1 he decided to hand over the day to day operation to Betty, who had replaced him during his time away in the position as my Administrative Elf. Bernard became the Chief Training Elf and Elf Over the North Pole in general. Betty was an elf who worked along side Bernard, so she was able to take over when he was gone. She is a focused and sometimes too serious when it comes to her job. She has a sense of humor, but sometimes misses the meaning of a joke or funny comment. She is dedicated and the elves respect her. She definitely knows her job and is excellent at what she does. I can always count on Betty to make sure I am informed and things are run smoothly. She and Noel have been married for over 900 years. She is over 1000 years old. She and Mrs. Claus are very close friends.

Here at the North Pole we are all doing well. Holly says the Reindeer are in their hibernation-like time where they sleep a lot and eat a lot. They tend to get fat during this time. Soon, she will begin their training again for the 2023 Big Flight.

Remember to be kind and have a Holly Jolly day!


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