I visit Children Everywhere


Bernard had arranged a special day today. I visited with some children who do not have homes and parents to care for them. I visit children in many places, because every child is special. I do what I do because of children all around the world. To see smiles on the faces of children is my greatest joy. So, today I loaded up the sleigh with some coloring books and teddy bears and headed South. Mrs. Claus baked some of her wonderful sugar cookies to take along too. I enjoyed spending several hours with the children and hearing all of their wishes, hopes and dreams. hope you will remember to share the blessings you have with those who might not have as much, or a place that's safe, or somewhere to call home. Everyone needs love! One little girl ask me what kind of music I love. Well, I told her Christmas music of course!! I listen to Christmas music 365 days a year. There are Christmas songs to fit any mood, and in many styles of music. I never get tired of it. Well, its time to take a cookie and cocoa break. Mrs. Claus just pulled out a fresh batch of cookies from the oven. Till tomorrow...


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