How many Presents Do You Ask Santa to Bring?

Hello Believers!

I have a question for you... " How many presents do you ask for from Santa?" I ask this question, because I would like to share an idea with you. Each year it seems that the Christmas lists get longer and I am wondering if you would consider an idea I have. What if every believer only ask for one, or possibly two gifts from Santa. Then even more children would be able to get something that they might like. I think its an idea worth thinking about. We have so much "stuff" these days. How many toys do you have? Do you play with every one? Would you like to be Santa helper? Well, what if you went through all your stuff and found the things you don't really use or play with that you could give away to another person so they could use it. That would be such a NICE thing to do. There are places you can donate your toys, and things as long as they are in good condition, and they will make sure someone gets them. Here at the North Pole we have a special elf unit that takes gently used and loved toys and makes them like new so other children can use them. I bet you didn't know we did that! I just wanted to share the idea with you. I hope you have a holly jolly day!


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