Have You Written Your Letter?

Hello! Have you written your letter to Santa? I know with technology there are many ways to send messages to me today, but my favorite is still the letter that your write me. Why? Because it is from you, and you actually write it. You often color and draw pictures for me. I love getting your letters! I have many helpers who help get your letters to me. Sometimes, you send mail to another address, or put them in special mailboxes and the elves pick them up and bring them here to the North Pole. Some of you address them to the North Pole. No matter how they get here I read them. Then elves are assigned to work on what you ask for, if your parents are ok with it and it is appropriate. I receive letters from all over the world and from people of every age who believe in me. It is part of what keeps the Spirit of Christmas magic working. So, if you have not mailed your letter take time to write it now. I look forward to reading it!


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