Happy St. Patrick Day

Greetings Believers!

I put on the green suit for today and headed out to the workshop. You may not know but over the years I have has many different colored suits, including green, blue and white. I'm known today for my red suit, but I still like to wear some other colors. Just like you probably like to wear different colored clothes too. Here at the North Pole we love color! So, today we are wearing green. What color are wearing today? We are busy working at the workshop. Things here continue no matter what is happening in our world. Our goal is always to bring Christmas Spirit and Joy into lives of others. Sometimes, it is hard. We will still do our best though to make the world we live in a better place. I hope you will join us in doing that by being the best person you can be. Be kind, help others, and spread love to everyone. Have a Holly Jolly Day!


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