Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year from the North Pole! All of us wish you an amazing 2020. Mrs. Claus and I had a wonderful time hosting all the elves and their families here at our home. We celebrated the new year with lots of wonderful food (especially cookies) and fireworks. Now we will begin to get the workshop ready to start making new toys and gifts for Christmas 2020. We are enjoying our time now celebrating and there is lots of singing and laughter. Everyone is so happy and we hope you are too. We know that not everyone is fortunate in our world, so say a prayer for those who may be hungry, without a home, and having a hard time right now. We here at the North Pole care about all people and want the best for everyone. So, in this new year be kind, help others, and share love and kindness. That's a great way to be on the Nice List this year. Have a wonderful day and check back here as I will continue to share what is happening at the North Pole. We have some exciting things planned to share more about our life here and Christmas. Happy New Year!


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