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Greetings Believer!

Today marks halfway to Christmas! Can you believe it? We are so excited here at the North Pole. Next is Christmas in July. A lot is happening. I will start posting here more now, and as we get closer to Christmas. Are you doing anything special to celebrate today? The elves are singing and dancing as they make the presents. Everyone is in a good mood. Holly says the reindeer are getting in shape and Betty says everything at the workshop is going great. Bernard is training this years new elf crew that will begin in September. I have been busy visiting around the world and also making sure things here are going well. I have been working in the workshop when I am here. Mrs. Claus has been busy planning activities for today, Christmas in July and teaching at the Elf Academy. I hope you are remembering to be kind and always working to be nice and good. Well, I better get going I need to meet Mrs. Claus to celebrate LEON DAY... That is NOEL spelled backwards.


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