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Green Is One of my Favorite Colors!

Happy Saint Patrick's Day! Green is one of my favorite colors, so it is not hard for me to find something to wear for this holiday. I hope you have something green to wear. Mrs. Claus made me Green Pancakes today for Breakfast and she is making green eggs and ham for dinner. We might even invite Sam I Am over to join us. Things here at the North Pole are going a long great. I do enjoy the letters I get from some of you through the year. Holly tells me the Reindeer have been getting lots of rest and will begin to start some training soon. The days are going by so fast and we are already beginning to start toy production. Working on some new ideas too. Well, I hope you have a wonderful day filled with green, and maybe a Leprechaun will visit you. We have a good friend Lucky who is a Leprechaun and he visits us every year on Saint Patrick's Day!


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