Getting ready for the Tour

Hello Believers!

Here at the North Pole we are getting ready to give you a tour. Ever wonder what the North Pole is like? Soon you will get to see! I will give you a tour. Planning here has started. Right now we are making the plan for how to film and photograph the village. The elves will likely not be out and about when we film, but I am sure they will be in the photos. I hope to give you an idea what the North Pole village is like. You will see the current North Pole Village, and a view of the Old North Pole where we take off every December 24th. You will also get a preview of the elf village and see the reindeer barn. So, it is very exciting here. Bernard tells me he has a film and photo crew working on all the details. We have a meeting next week to talk about their ideas. Are you excited? Be good till next time...

Have a Tinsel Bright Day!


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