Special Message From Santa Everyone At North Pole Is Great

Greetings from the North Pole! I wanted to let everyone know that everyone here at the North Pole is fine. Some have been worried about our health due to the virus that many are dealing with. We hope you and everyone is ok too. We know that it can be scary, but you do not need to worry about the North Pole. We are ok and the elves are working away. Mrs. Claus is baking LOTS of cookies and treats for everyone. We do want to remind everyone to wash your hands and follow the medical experts rules. We also want you to know that the elves down South are all fine. The elves are immune from many of the normal sickness that many people get. So don't worry about your Christmas elf. They are still doing their jobs, and we get reports who is being naughty and nice. We encourage being nice always, but right now being nice is really important. Thinking of other people, following the rules, washing hands, and doing chores. If everyone does that it will really help everyone else.

I am going to be doing more updates in the coming days, as I know many of you are at home and you might like to know whats going on up here. I will also be working to add some more items to this North Pole website. So, check back and see what is happening. Till next time - Have a Tinsel Bright Day!


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