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Elves Work 24 hours Now

Greetings Believers!

Well December is here and we start the 25 days of Christmas. The elves are now working 24 hours a day. The work will continue to get busier, as we get more wish letters, and wishes sent here to the North Pole. Do not worry though. The elves work all year making toys and presents usually making a lot of the most popular wishes. That means they can spend more time on the new wishes that come in and make sure that they can keep up with everything they need to do. I have been busy in workshop too. It is such a fun place to be. It is really busy as elves are going every which way, making gifts, wrapping and then moving them to the buildings where they will be stored until the first ones are loaded on the sleigh. I hope you are doing your best at being nice. Keep checking here each day for more news from the North Pole every day till Christmas. Have a holly jolly day!


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