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Greetings from the North Pole!

Many of you ask about the reindeer and who cares for them. Well, there is one elf that I have put in charge of caring for the reindeer team and the other elves who help her. Holly is that elf. She has been caring for the reindeer for many years and is an expert on the reindeer here at the North Pole. She makes sure that they get the rest, training and care they need all year. She has the bells polished and the harness ready for any flights we might take. She is also in charge of the reindeer games each year. So, Holly is a very important elf! I really depend on her to help me make sure the reindeer are taken care of and in tip top shape. Speaking of reindeer I need to go check on them and make sure they are getting ready for the training that will soon begin. Till next time have a Holly Jolly day!


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