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Does Santa Need A License to Fly the Sleigh?

Greetings Believers!

Some have ask, "Does Santa need a license to fly the Sleigh? Well, the answer is yes! Of course, I am the only one who has this special license. It is the WORLDWIDE SLEIGH LICENSE. It gives me permission to fly the sleigh anywhere in the world. It also has some important qualifications, like the bells may jingle (that way everyone knows I am in the area); elves can come along and help if I would like; The sleigh may be pulled by up to 9 reindeer ( sometimes I fly around with only couple of them at a time during the year) and I have permission to leave gifts and enter homes however the customs are in your country. I carry this with me at all times, because it also is an ID that I can show if I need to prove that I am Santa Claus. In fact, when we fly on a regular airplane for a trip I have to show it. The ticket and TSA workers are surprised it is actually me! So, now you know I do have an official license to fly the sleigh!


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