Disaster In Wrapping!!!!!

Believers there is a disaster in wrapping!!!! Bernard called me and I rushed right to the workshop, and oh my goodness! What a mess! The wrapping paper rolls has come apart and there was paper and ribbon everywhere. It was a colorful mess for sure. After everyone calmed down we got everything cleaned up, and I believe things are going fine now. We are putting a few extra elves on duty to watch for problems, so hopefully this will not happen again. Every now and then we have a little problem with some over energetic elves, or technology just not working right. Normally it doesn't take long and things are running well again. Hopefully, quality control will check the packages twice to make sure everything gets wrapped right, and has the right tag on it. Wouldn't want someone to get a board game when they wanted a ball to play with. Well, other than that, things are going well. I mapped out some more of the flight plan today, and also read a lot of your letters. Mrs. Claus says hello to all of you. I have to go check on the elves in wrapping, so till next time... Have a holly jolly day!


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