Hello everyone,

Can you believe it is December 1st? I have been busy at the workshop, but also beginning to make trips South to visit mall, stores and special events so I can meet you. You never know if it is me... but it probably is! I get back to the North Pole in time to check on the toys and the progress the elves are making. Then I add any changes from hearing what you share with me. I also check the latest reports on my computer in my study, check the Naughty or Nice List, and usually hear from Bernard. Somewhere in all that, I find time to have some cookies and a glass of milk. Mrs. Claus and I talk about our day, and then it is time to get a little sleep before the next day begins. This is the BUSY time, so I don't get to sleep as much, but you can be sure that I will take a LONG nap after Christmas! Well, I need to go check on the Reindeer, so until next time have a Glittery Day!


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