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DEC 1 Elves At Work

Greetings Believers!

It is here December 1st! The 25 Days of Christmas begin today. Our first picture from the North Pole is of the elves working at one of the many toy making stations. Elves can make just about anything, they work very fast, and have lots of energy. They work all year long to make sure Christmas is special. Elves have many jobs. Many make the gifts, but others wrap, some care for the reindeer, some cook or clean. Every job is important. There are also elves that run the many village shops here at the North Pole. Elves love to sing and dance while they work. There is usually music here. We love Christmas music. You will see elves doing many things here over the next 25 days. Our work is also our play. Who knows you might even catch a glimpse of elves having fun in the snow. So, keep being good, remember to be kind and check back here everyday. Have a Holly Jolly Day!


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