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Copy of Tips for the Nice List

Greetings Believers,

It is time to get serious about getting the Nice List. There are some things Santa loves to see you do to be on the Nice List. These are things you can do everyday, not just once -in -awhile.

*Picking up your toys, clothes and other things after you are done with them without being ask.

*Being polite and using your manners with "May I", "Please", and Thank You.

*Brushing your teeth, washing your face, and taking a bath/shower without complaining.

*No Pouting.

*No Whining.

*Staying out of trouble and mischief.

*Resisting the "I Want" when at the store with parents or family.

*Willing to try what is on your plate and eating your vegetables.

*Cleaning your room without being ask.


*Doing your chores.

* Playing nice with others. No biting, scratching, hitting, name calling, or using bad words.

*Going to bed without complaining.

Other things that will help you be on the nice list are being helpful, friendly, kind, and honest.

Always do your best to be good. Hopefully, these ideas will help you be good for goodness sake. I will be checking The List and getting reports from the elves.


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