Continue to Be Kind

Hello my friends!

I hope you are continuing to join us here at the North Pole in our Sharing Kindness Project. If you need a little something to send or give out we have created 8 kindness cards you can download, print and use. Just go to the Sharing Kindness Page of this site.

Here at the North Pole, we remind one another each day, that it is not the presents that make Christmas special. What makes it special are the people we spend it with, the people we help during the holidays, traditions and customs that create memories, and the music that lifts our spirits and food that is so tasty. So, no matter if you get what you ask for, or what you really want for Christmas, just remember its the special times and special people that matter most. So, as you share kindness during this time remember those people and let them know you care.

The Sharing Kindness Project will continue till we have reached 30 days. Then we recommend you start over and choose new people and be kind to them as you work through the list of ideas again, or continue and create your own ideas! Till next time...


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