Clean Up Has Begun

Well, my friends. You wonder what is happening at the North Pole right now? Clean Up! Just like you have to clean up your toys, your room, your home, or your workplace, we do too. The elves are counting all the tools, cleaning all the machines, and putting away all the materials we use. It is a big job and we need to do this before we start making gifts again. A clean workshop is important. So, everyone is helping to get ready for the 2020 gift making. Its not all work, as we sing, and dance and laugh a lot while we do it. You see if you make it more like a game, it is more fun! Try that the next time you have to clean up. Mrs. Claus is giving here kitchen a "deep clean", meaning everything gets scrubbed down and shined. It is amazing how her kitchen sparkles because it is so clean! Bernard just came into my office and tells me the elves need my help, so till next time - stay holly jolly!


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