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Call Santa

Greetings Believers!

Many of you have ask me to call you, or wanted to call me at the North Pole. Unfortunately, if I talked to every one of you on the phone, I would not get the work done here at the North Pole! So, Mrs. Claus and I sat down and we discussed this with Bernard and the North Pole ETT - Elf Tech Team. What we came up with is a way for you to call the North Pole and listen to messages from me, Mrs. Claus, Bernard, Holly and another one of the elves! You can call each week and hear new messages, and even leave a message for me. As it gets closer to Christmas, there will be more than one message each week. Here is the Number:


I am excited to be able to have you call and hear about what is happening at the North Pole. Remember to be kind and spread Christmas Cheer!


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