Back To Work

Well Believers the time has come to begin the work for Christmas 2021! Tomorrow we begin the work of making sure everything is clean, repaired and working. This will take a about a week, and then we begin to start production of gifts for next Christmas. It is such an exciting time as we get ready. The elves are ready. They have enjoyed some time with their families and now they will begin to work again. There is a lot to do. The workshop is just one of the many projects. There is also the candy, and so many different materials we need to make the many presents. We also will begin to plan for the many festive days we have, and repair any Christmas decorations and displays here at the North Pole. The elves have been reporting back here till they visit your homes again this Fall. Other elves are starting to get ready to return South so they can do their work and watch what is going on where you live. So, you never know, you might just see an elf when you are out and about! Take care, be good. Until next time...


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