Back to Work

Hello Believers!

I hope your New Year started well. I am back at work. Here I am in my small workshop. I am always excited to begin to count the days till Christmas. It seems so far away, but it will be here again before you know it! So, continue to be good. Our world needs as much good and nice as ever. The elves still have a little time off before they will be back to work. Holly says the Reindeer are ready to go for our next flight. So, I will be visiting some of you soon. Mrs. Claus and I enjoyed a stroll along the streets of a town down South the other evening. It was a beautiful cold night and the Christmas lights made a magical sight. We enjoyed waving to many people and stopping to talk with others. It was a very nice night for us to just relax. Well, Mrs. Claus said she had some cookies baking, so I better go see if they are ready for me to eat! Have a holly jolly day.


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