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A Boat Trip

Greetings Believers! I apologize it has been a bit since I posted here, but I will be getting back to things. Mrs Claus and I are going to Spend Christmas in July on a very special hidden island. We will be sharing posts as we travel by our boat Reindeer 2 and then some of our time and adventures on the island too. Here at the North Pole we have passed the half way point to Christmas! This Christmas is now closer than last Christmas and that is VERY exciting. We have been busy here, but things will really begin to get busier as we get closer to September. Right now the elves are enjoying a less crazy pace and have a little time to enjoy things here at the North Pole. We will be having the Christmas Carnival soon. It is a wonderful Summer activity for the elves and their families. The reindeer are lazy and fat right now, but Holly will soon have them exercising and getting in shape for December. I hope you are well and on your best behavior. Remember to always be kind. Till next time...


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