Wow! It has been very crazy here at the North Pole! First, the elves have been working round the clock to get everything done before the big night. With just over a week every day gets busier here! Oh my goodness, the wrapping area had some issues with the wrapping paper and ribbon and there was paper and ribbon everywhere! It took us hours to get things back on track. Then Rudolph started to feel ill. We discovered he has a cold! Not good timing for that, since we need him to lead the sleigh. Mrs. Claus has made a special soup for him, and it seems to be helping. The glow of his nose was a little brighter today. Holly stayed with him all night to make sure he was doing ok. I will keep everyone posted on his progress. As for me, well I am busy beginning to plot out my route for the big flight. Right now I am receiving a text from Bernard that there is another ribbon problem, so I am off to the workshop! Till next time, be good and give someone a hug.


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