300 Days

Hello Believers!

Well, we have reached the first big countdown number 300.


As you might imagine the excitement here is very high. Every 100 days means that we are that much closer and can celebrate. Everyone here is working now, and it is busy with all the elves and machines singing and whirring away. I hope you are doing well, and 2021 is going well for you. Are you being on your best behavior? I do hope so. The elves are keeping track of who is being naughty or nice. I have been working making sure everything here is working perfectly. Bernard tells me that the elves have a lot of energy this year. I hope that continues! The Reindeer have been mostly resting as they recover from the Christmas Eve flight of 2020. Holly is making sure they are getting great food, lots of rest, and care. They love to listen to the Christmas music that is playing in the reindeer barn. Mrs. Claus has been working on cooking up lots of tasty treats for the elves and me. She has been working on some other projects as well. She is the Mayor of the North Pole. Did you know that? She is working on the Snow Festival plans for this year with the elves. It sounds like a lot of fun. Well, I better get back to the workshop. Hope you have a holly jolly day! Till next time...


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