100 DAYS!!!!!!

Greetings Friends,

There are only 100 days till Christmas! Such an exciting day for us at the North Pole. Today is a day that marks the beginning of our BUSY season. Everything has to be ready and the elves are excited to get started on presents that you request. We look forward to all your requests by mail, visits that I make and Santa Helpers make, emails, and other ways you let us know what you would like this Christmas. I hope you are being on your best behavior. The Naughty and Nice list is already being updated, so do your best to be Nice. Mrs. Claus is getting our home ready for the film crew to come in so she can give you a tour of the Claus Home. She is very excited to show you our home. I will be posting more now, so check back often to see what is happening here at the North Pole. Till then, Have a magical day!


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